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Integrated Digital Marketing

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What’s Integrated Digital Marketing?

Integrated Digital Marketing is just a concise way of saying that we utilize ALL of the online marketing components that are required for an effective online presence, together with a custom and unified strategy for our clients. This is the core of what we do for our clients.

We Don’t Do Cookie Cutter Marketing

Every brand, industry and target market is different, so there is no package of services that is right for everyone. Our proven methodology for being successful online is ensuring that our client brands are everywhere their customers spend time online, and doing all of the required marketing functions on those platforms. We do it all with a unified strategy that works together to be most effective.

Everything we do is custom developed for our clients’ specific product/service and the industry they are serving. 

Why All The Boxes?

Our logo, branding, and imagery all surround the box elements in order to depict the numerous and complex tactics involved in effective online marketing. For online marketing to get real results, everything has to be done perfectly with all of the proper components in place, working together under a unified strategy. This is what we do!

Some Of What We Do

Below are just some of the components and details we deploy in an integrated digital marketing program for our clients. Not every client requires every single tactic listed, however each client we work with has to effectively use the ones that are essential for their particular industry and target audience.

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Branding & Messaging

Brand research, strategy, persona development, messaging, logos and packaging

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Website Design & Development

Design, development, hosting, management, conversion optimization, landing pages, and e-commerce

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO, on-page optimization, backlink development, and Google business page posting and management

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Search & Social Ads

Designing and managing your online social media and search ad program to drive traffic and revenue

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Content Creation

Copyrighting, content marketing, blog content, video, drone video, and graphics production

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, platform selection, daily management. content posting, and engagement

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Graphic Design

Photo and video shoots, graphic design, photo retouch and editing, illustrations, vector renderings

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Email Marketing/Newsletters

Email content creation, articles, newsletters, email marketing. and email list growth/management

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Lead Generation

Landing page design, sales funnel marketing, lead generation, email drip campaigns

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Demand Generation

Demand gen marketing campaigns designed to build demand and understanding of your offering

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Partnership Development

Defining industry barnds that would benefit your brand and building relationships that result in partnerships

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Business Consulting

We continually support our clients with ongoing business and marketing consulting that drives results

Out Executing Your Competition

Better Marketing Results

We don’t do marketing projects for clients. We become our clients’ marketing department or partner and we manage their online presence every single day, ensuring it beats their competitors online.

If you build it they will come only works in Hollywood, it doesn’t work online. That’s why we deploy integrated digital marketing for our clients’ to ensure their marketing is better than their competition AND we are continually posting, engaging with your target customers and creating new content every day. THIS IS WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!

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